Opera Mask April 16, 2017

China’s Peking Opera art is the opera lovers enjoy the arts, popular at home and abroad scope is quite widespread, has been generally accepted as the identity of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Is a national characteristic of a special type of makeup. As each historical figure or a certain type of person […]

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Silk Painting April 10, 2017

Hangzhou, known as “silk mansion. Unearthed in the four thousand seven hundred – year – old liangzhu had revealed the hangzhou silk, the history of the Tang dynasty big poet Bai Juyi “wire sleeve knit twill kua stem, green flag selling wine while pear flower” verse also says the Hangzhou silk at the time of […]

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Purple sands April 8, 2017

Purple, purple and not Cha, red and yan deeply, not black and not ink, such as iron, such as stone, jade Hu Jinhu, prepare the text in a device, with the beauty in three stopped, and looked at it, if black young gentleman tripod Chen Mingting, chase and examine the sages wan Yan elite. This […]

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Women’s tang suit March 26, 2017

Today, the “Tang suit” fabric is no longer confined to brocade satin fabric, leather “Tang suit” has been available and began to flourish in the white-collar workers. Leather and “Tang suit” combination not only retains the “Tang suit” original grace The Chinese style “Tang suit” was given some Western-style features, so that the “Tang suit” […]

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Fine silver forture and longivity pendant March 23, 2017

Live long and proper is one of Chinese traditional dermatoglyphic pattern, also is one of the most popular auspicious patterns. Is people’s dream to pursuit, is a symbol of longevity is rich, wealth and good luck. Originally mascot SuiXing folklore that Jupiter, after gradually personification, said today (Monday) from the realms of taiping road, three […]

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Double happiness silver hairpin March 20, 2017

Lucky guang gold zan head for a first inserted into the double happiness wings of butterfly, butterfly, flower powder. Below for the peony grains. Set in the middle of the knot, also known as the auspicious knot, continuous shape, is a continuation of prosperous family, children, wealth and good luck, good wish from generation to […]

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Traditional Chairs January 8, 2017

Chairs are perhaps the most sculptural of Chinese furniture forms. At best, they appear animated with spirit and balanced like three-dimensional calligraphy composed with brushstroke components. goldentreasures29 In Ming and Qing dynasty China, the chair could signify status and achievement, and terms like ‘official’s hat chair’, ‘grand master’s chair’ (taishi yi), as well as base […]

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The Forbidden City January 8, 2017

Old Beijing the imperial palace, the Forbidden City. Is located in the center of the central axis of Beijing, this once imperial palace of the Ming and qing two dynasties, covers an area of 720000 square meters, construction area of about 150000 square meters, is the world’s largest and most complete existing wooden structure type […]

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Love chili people’s favorite January 8, 2017

In anhui province, anhui panel is han Chinese characteristics snacks, many provinces and cities across the country (especially the northeast) were in anhui province, the plate noodle shop. A panel is a plane, unlike ordinary surface, not one, is the strip, the width in 1 to 2 cm. Surface of the body have a plenty […]

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dumplings January 2, 2017

Dumplings, also known as (dumplings) originated in zhongyuan nanyang city of the eastern han dynasty, is the ancient han nationality traditional pasta, by the broad masses of the people’s favorite food in China, is in most of northern China [2] every year the Spring Festival will eat food festival, in many provinces and cities also […]

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