Traditional Chairs January 8, 2017

Chairs are perhaps the most sculptural of Chinese furniture forms. At best, they appear animated with spirit and balanced like three-dimensional calligraphy composed with brushstroke components. goldentreasures29 In Ming and Qing dynasty China, the chair could signify status and achievement, and terms like ‘official’s hat chair’, ‘grand master’s chair’ (taishi yi), as well as base […]

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The Forbidden City January 8, 2017

Old Beijing the imperial palace, the Forbidden City. Is located in the center of the central axis of Beijing, this once imperial palace of the Ming and qing two dynasties, covers an area of 720000 square meters, construction area of about 150000 square meters, is the world’s largest and most complete existing wooden structure type […]

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Love chili people’s favorite January 8, 2017

In anhui province, anhui panel is han Chinese characteristics snacks, many provinces and cities across the country (especially the northeast) were in anhui province, the plate noodle shop. A panel is a plane, unlike ordinary surface, not one, is the strip, the width in 1 to 2 cm. Surface of the body have a plenty […]

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dumplings January 2, 2017

Dumplings, also known as (dumplings) originated in zhongyuan nanyang city of the eastern han dynasty, is the ancient han nationality traditional pasta, by the broad masses of the people’s favorite food in China, is in most of northern China [2] every year the Spring Festival will eat food festival, in many provinces and cities also […]

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Rice dumplings January 2, 2017

Rice dumplings (zong zi) is also called “zongzi”, “drum reed”, is the Dragon Boat Festival is the han nationality traditional festival food, made from a reed leaves wrapped steamed glutinous rice. Legend is circulated to commemorate qu yuan, is the most profound traditional food culture in Chinese history and was deeply loved by people. In […]

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cash January 2, 2017

China Qing KIANG-SOO 10 cash 1902-05 NICE CONDITION Item specifics Seller Notes: “circulated” Circulated/Uncirculated: Circulated CATALOG: Y# 162 Year: 1902-05 DIAMETER: 28.6 MM Composition: Copper

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reformed cheongsam October 13, 2016

Enjoying the breeze of autumn, leaves all falling down from the trees and everything was different with what it like in summer. The beautiful woman dressed in a red gorgeous Cheongsam collocating with a knitted jacket standing by an osmanthus tree looks quiet elegant and magnificent. She walked leisurely with sweet scent. In this atmosphere, […]

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white diamond knitted October 13, 2016

This kind of Cheongsam have the appearance of the fabric of silk or velvet. The velvet surface is smooth and elegant, and the printing style is luxurious and classic. Collocating with a white sweater, the women sweet atmosphere and feelings can be all revealed. Cheongsam are as fair as jade, like those gentle boneless beauties, […]

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cheongsam in autumn winter October 13, 2016

Dressed in elegant dress paired with a warm and stylish sweater or a silk scarf can be a good choice for the mature women. Followings are some examples of this collocation of Cheongsam which can be used in autumn and winter. Cheongsam can be changed according to the season. And actually how to dress ourselves […]

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peony-necklace October 13, 2016

The peony is the national flower of China symbolizing its beauty and elegance. Positioning the elegant peony flower as its focal point, this necklace utilizes one of Chinas ethereal cultural traditions, the gold and silver fretwork technique. Through an intricate mosaic pattern, this rare, precious 21.9ct, pear-shaped emerald appears at the center of a fully […]

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