Dumplings, also known as (dumplings) originated in zhongyuan nanyang city of the eastern han dynasty, is the ancient han nationality traditional pasta, by the broad masses of the people’s favorite food in China, is in most of northern China [2] every year the Spring Festival will eat food festival, in many provinces and cities also have the habit of the winter solstice festival to eat dumplings, the south also generally have dumplings this food. Is the eastern han dynasty in nanyang medical sage invented by zhang zhongjing, dumplings experienced a long historical evolution of the gradual process, the Ming dynasty Zhang Zilie gave a good explanation: “dumpling ear, namely twang-ching-shih food, soup pills, or” powder horn, northern people reading Angle for jiao, for dumplings bait, pseudo for dumplings.”
Dumplings, have already is not only a food, was also the representative of the Chinese cuisine. Every part of it, all contain the culture of the Chinese nation, is each common, especially in 30 essential food at night, and expresses the people’s yearning and pursuit for a better life.

written by chenyaya.

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