The Torch Festival

Torch Festival is an ancient traditional festival of Yi nationality, Bai nationality, Naxi nationality, Lahu nationality and other nationalities. It has profound folk culture connotation and is called “Carnival of the East””. Different ethnic groups hold torch festivals at different times, mostly in the lunar calendar in June. Twenty-four, the main events are bullfighting, fighting sheep, cock fighting, horse racing, wrestling, song and dance performances, beauty contests and so on. In the new era, Torch Festival has been given new folk functions, and produced new forms.

The legends of torch festivals by the various ethnic groups in Yunnan have their own distinctive features. The legend of the torch festival by the Yi nationality is actually the transformation from nomadic to agricultural, and then the new cultural form is the sublation of the original cultural form. This legend retains the original information of the torch festival, and is also a legend of the source of the torch festival. Proverbs about the torch festival legend of the Naxi retain important information from the torch festival, and the “Yuxi” series, “Luquan county”, “Dong Xi county” in the records of the origin of the torch festival jointly explore provides an important clue. Torch Festival on the legend of Dali and Kunming area, although the cover source of the torch festival, but the “Star Festival”, as well as revealing springhead and deep cultural festival.

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