The Torch Festival June 18, 2017

Torch Festival is an ancient traditional festival of Yi nationality, Bai nationality, Naxi nationality, Lahu nationality and other nationalities. It has profound folk culture connotation and is called “Carnival of the East””. Different ethnic groups hold torch festivals at different times, mostly in the lunar calendar in June. Twenty-four, the main events are bullfighting, fighting […]

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Zhongyuan Festiva June 18, 2017

The Zhongyuan festival, commonly known as Halloween, shigu, seven and a half, Buddhism called O-bon festival. With the new year’s Eve, Tomb-sweeping Day, Chongyang Festival three Festival is a traditional festival China worship, is also popular in the cultural circle countries Chinese characters traditional culture festival. Have put lanterns, burning paper Ghost Festival custom. The […]

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Spring Festival June 18, 2017

The Spring Festival is a traditional cultural circle Chinese characters on the lunar new year, known as “new year”, the traditional name for the new year, new year, new year, but also called the degree of verbal and celebrate the new year, Chinese New year. Chinese people have been in the Spring Festival for more […]

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Wu Shu May 23, 2017

Wushu, has the power to reduce the fighting and maintain the peace. As descendants of the Chinese nation’s survival skills, Chinese traditional martial arts with the development of Chinese history and civilization, gone through a journey of thousands of years of wind and rain, become a soul for the national survival and development, and children […]

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Dumplings January 2, 2017

Dumplings, also known as (dumplings) originated in zhongyuan nanyang city of the eastern han dynasty, is the ancient han nationality traditional pasta, by the broad masses of the people’s favorite food in China, is in most of northern China [2] every year the Spring Festival will eat food festival, in many provinces and cities also […]

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Rice Dumplings January 2, 2017

Rice dumplings (zong zi) is also called “zongzi”, “drum reed”, is the Dragon Boat Festival is the han nationality traditional festival food, made from a reed leaves wrapped steamed glutinous rice. Legend is circulated to commemorate qu yuan, is the most profound traditional food culture in Chinese history and was deeply loved by people. In […]

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Chopsticks-Fork in Chinese Table May 20, 2016

Chopsticks called chopsticks, a very invented by Chinese han ethnic characteristics of eating tools. Ancient books “, everything is done, the old yu “, “zhou XiZhe is like zhu, and carried on some children.” The late king zhou of shang dynasty monarch, visible in the 11th century BC have appeared in our country, seiko manufacturing […]

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The Moon Cake May 20, 2016

The moon cake is the most famous of the han nationality traditional snacks, loved by the Chinese people. Mooncakes are round and round, it is the family to eat, a symbol of the reunion peace, and the item in the Mid-Autumn festival is a day of. Ancient moon cakes were as offerings in the Mid-Autumn […]

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The Double Ninth Festival May 20, 2016

Tread, the double ninth festival is also called “autumn”, the han nationality traditional festival. Celebrate the double ninth festival will typically include a touring scene, climbing overlook times, ornamental chrysanthemum, dogwood, eat double ninth gao (or cake), drink chrysanthemum wine and other activities. At the beginning of every year lunar calendar in September 9th, is […]

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Some Chinese Customs May 16, 2016

Showing love by biting the arm is an interesting affective mode adopted by young men of the Yao ethnic group in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. When two lovers are in an engagement, the young man will bite the girl’s arm to express his loyalty to love. After making acquainted with each other during agricultural production, exchanging […]

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