Dumplings January 2, 2017

Dumplings, also known as (dumplings) originated in zhongyuan nanyang city of the eastern han dynasty, is the ancient han nationality traditional pasta, by the broad masses of the people’s favorite food in China, is in most of northern China [2] every year the Spring Festival will eat food festival, in many provinces and cities also […]

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Rice Dumplings January 2, 2017

Rice dumplings (zong zi) is also called “zongzi”, “drum reed”, is the Dragon Boat Festival is the han nationality traditional festival food, made from a reed leaves wrapped steamed glutinous rice. Legend is circulated to commemorate qu yuan, is the most profound traditional food culture in Chinese history and was deeply loved by people. In […]

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Some Chinese Customs May 16, 2016

Showing love by biting the arm is an interesting affective mode adopted by young men of the Yao ethnic group in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. When two lovers are in an engagement, the young man will bite the girl’s arm to express his loyalty to love. After making acquainted with each other during agricultural production, exchanging […]

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