Zhongshan Suit May 5, 2017

Zhongshan suit is a kind of clothing named after Dr. Sun yat-sen. Many famous people, such as Chiang kai-shek, MAO zedong, zhou enlai and deng xiaoping, often wore MAO suits. Because of China’s famous politicians, Mao zedong usually wears Chinese tunic Suit, so westerners call Chinese tunic Suit “hair” (Mao Suit), but there has never […]

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Women’s Tang Suit March 26, 2017

Today, the “Tang suit” fabric is no longer confined to brocade satin fabric, leather “Tang suit” has been available and began to flourish in the white-collar workers. Leather and “Tang suit” combination not only retains the “Tang suit” original grace The Chinese style “Tang suit” was given some Western-style features, so that the “Tang suit” […]

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Reformed Cheongsam October 13, 2016

Enjoying the breeze of autumn, leaves all falling down from the trees and everything was different with what it like in summer. The beautiful woman dressed in a red gorgeous Cheongsam collocating with a knitted jacket standing by an osmanthus tree looks quiet elegant and magnificent. She walked leisurely with sweet scent. In this atmosphere, […]

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White Diamond Knitted October 13, 2016

This kind of Cheongsam have the appearance of the fabric of silk or velvet. The velvet surface is smooth and elegant, and the printing style is luxurious and classic. Collocating with a white sweater, the women sweet atmosphere and feelings can be all revealed. Cheongsam are as fair as jade, like those gentle boneless beauties, […]

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Cheongsam in Autumn Winter October 13, 2016

Dressed in elegant dress paired with a warm and stylish sweater or a silk scarf can be a good choice for the mature women. Followings are some examples of this collocation of Cheongsam which can be used in autumn and winter. Cheongsam can be changed according to the season. And actually how to dress ourselves […]

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How to Dress Nicely for a Chinese Girl? May 20, 2016

Hi friends Idreammart is the leading and famous Chinese clothing agency for providing the different variety of Fashion Chinese dresses for men and women.The Chinese dresses are looked elegant and beautifully.They are different in colors.A wedding is a very important thing in your life, because this way of marriage.Every bride should be careful to select […]

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Why Chinese People Love to Wear Cheongsam Dresses? May 16, 2016

Hi to all Idreammart is the trusted and largest clothing industry offer different design of Chinese dresses for men and women. Cheongsam dresses are looking stunning and beautiful. It became something sleeker, tighter, and more elaborate. With distinctive Chinese features, Cheongsam enjoys a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion. it is so […]

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What Do YouThink of This Prom Dress? May 16, 2016

Hello Guys, Idreammart is one of the recognized Chinese wedding dresses for providing the prom dresses with new style and model.Prom dresses are different from other dresses.This provides plenty of time to help ensure that they find the dress of their dreams and that it fits perfectly.Although it will most likely have to be altered, […]

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Can a Short Cheongsam Dress be Casual Wear? May 16, 2016

Hi guys Idreammart is the leading chinese wedding clothing store agency for providing the Cheongsam dresses for men and women. Chinese females have adored themselves with the beautiful Chinese dress available in different colors and designs. Now, women from other countries are also opting cheongsam for formal as well as informal occasions as it offers […]

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