Traditional Chairs January 8, 2017

Chairs are perhaps the most sculptural of Chinese furniture forms. At best, they appear animated with spirit and balanced like three-dimensional calligraphy composed with brushstroke components. goldentreasures29 In Ming and Qing dynasty China, the chair could signify status and achievement, and terms like ‘official’s hat chair’, ‘grand master’s chair’ (taishi yi), as well as base […]

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The Forbidden City January 8, 2017

Old Beijing the imperial palace, the Forbidden City. Is located in the center of the central axis of Beijing, this once imperial palace of the Ming and qing two dynasties, covers an area of 720000 square meters, construction area of about 150000 square meters, is the world’s largest and most complete existing wooden structure type […]

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Pictorial Bricks August 20, 2016

Pictorial bricks were made by stamping or moulding the patterns or a scene on building brick. They have a history of over ten centuries from the end of the Warring States period to the Yuan period. Over this time society had undergone enormous changes, especially following changes of political regime, and the thousands of pictorial […]

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