Carriage June 18, 2017

Anyang Yin Ruins archaeological excavations indicate that Chinese has used a chariot in the late Shang dynasty. The origin of Chinese carriage has always been a subject of considerable concern and unresolved. In this regard, academia debated. Some Chinese scholars hold the theory that “carriage originated from China alone”, while others hold “foreign speaking”, saying […]

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Dragon Boat June 18, 2017

Mention the origin of the dragon boat, people will naturally remember the commemoration of Qu Yuan, in fact, dragon boat as a culture, it appears much earlier than the age of Qu Yuan. According to the experts, for the Dragon Boat Race prerequisites must be in the production of rice and the port area, which […]

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Sedan June 18, 2017

A means of transportation carried by people or animals on the shoulder and carried by people. It was widely used in eastern and Western countries. In terms of its structure, the chair is installed on the movable rods in bed, chair, seat or couch, is open. The sedan chair was first evolved from a car. […]

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Tianjin Flying Pigeon Cycle Manufaturing August 20, 2016

China Tianjin Flying Pigeon Cycle Manufaturing. Co. , Ltd. is the sole enterprise in China which produces time-hornored Flying Pigeon bicycles. Our factory is established in 1936.We produce Flying Pigeon bicycles and Gold Pigeon electric bicycles.We are the oldest manufacture in China.Our products are very famous well-known in domestics and overseas. Our sales’ network are […]

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