Guzheng June 18, 2017

The guzheng is also known as the Chinese zither, the qin zither, the zheng zizheng, the luan zither, the instrument of the Chinese traditional instrument in Chinese han nationality, which belongs to the plucked instrument. It is one of the unique and important national instruments in China. Its timbre is beautiful, its vocal range is […]

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Chinese Opera May 12, 2017

Chinese opera is composed mainly of folk song and dance, rap and burlesque. It originated from the primitive song and dance, a kind of comprehensive stage art style that has a long history. After the han, tang to song, just form a more complete opera art, it is composed of literature, music, dance, fine arts, […]

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Peony-Necklace October 13, 2016

The peony is the national flower of China symbolizing its beauty and elegance. Positioning the elegant peony flower as its focal point, this necklace utilizes one of Chinas ethereal cultural traditions, the gold and silver fretwork technique. Through an intricate mosaic pattern, this rare, precious 21.9ct, pear-shaped emerald appears at the center of a fully […]

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Dragon-Phoenix Bracelet October 13, 2016

In the last century all powerful and wealthy families, especially those in Hong Kong, kept a dragon-phoenix bracelet “at the bottom of the safe” in their homes. Whether it was a daughter getting married or a son bringing a wife into the family, the dragon-phoenix bracelet was an indispensable part of the dowry. A woman’s […]

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Hall of Preserving Harmony (Baohe dian) May 20, 2016

The third of the Three Ritual Halls, the Hall of Preserving Harmony (Baohe dian) was completed in the early fifteenth century. It was first called Hall of Scrupulous Behavior (Jinshen dian), was changed to Establishing Supremacy, and was finally named Hall of Preserving Harmony— with the implication of preserving the unity of one’s inner spirit, […]

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