Anyang Yin Ruins archaeological excavations indicate that Chinese has used a chariot in the late Shang dynasty. The origin of Chinese carriage has always been a subject of considerable concern and unresolved. In this regard, academia debated. Some Chinese scholars hold the theory that “carriage originated from China alone”, while others hold “foreign speaking”, saying that Chinese carriage originated from the West Asia or Eurasia grassland.

The ancient carriage of China was used in battle. Generally only Zhou (house), and two square carriages (carriage), driving four horses or two horses. Jiashi three people on the bus, a man drove the middle hand, about two people responsible for the fight. It has many kinds of light, the red car and car e. The chariot was first used in the battle of Gan, which Xia Wangqi commanded. After the war, the scale became larger and larger, the chariot became the main force of war and the standard of measuring the strength of a country. In the spring and Autumn period, there appeared “the country of thousands and thousands of passengers””. In the Han Dynasty, with the rise of the cavalry, the chariot gradually withdrew from the war stage. In 1980, two large painted copper cars were excavated from the west side of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in Shaanxi, Lintong. In front of a car wheels, a single shaft structure, before driving his car, and as a horizontal rectangle, 126 cm wide, 70 cm deep, in front and on both sides of a car behind the bar, to open the door on. The car and the car on the right side of a shield, and hanging in front of a bronze crossbow and bronze arrowhead. The car stands a round umbrella, standing under the umbrella of a 91 cm high brass official figurines. The name of the legislature car, also called Rong, high car, when the car in the car.

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