Dragon Boat

Mention the origin of the dragon boat, people will naturally remember the commemoration of Qu Yuan, in fact, dragon boat as a culture, it appears much earlier than the age of Qu Yuan. According to the experts, for the Dragon Boat Race prerequisites must be in the production of rice and the port area, which is characteristic of South china. In the ancient records about the origins of dragon boats, it first appeared in the Eastern Han dynasty. It can be inferred that the custom of Dragon Boat Festival was probably only popular among the Wu Yue nationalities in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Later, the Wu Yue culture gradually communicated with the Central Plains culture, and this custom spread to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the northern part of the country. And that dragon boat from Hunan in northwestern Yuanling say.

In the reflection of the Chinese dragon boat culture broad and profound and historical origins of the Yuanling dragon boat “Yuanling Millennium Dragon” one book, 104 incorporated a writer and scholar of the Yuanling dragon boat incisive. These articles scientifically and systematically demonstrate the origin of Yuanling’s traditional dragon boats, and record the scale of the Dragon Boat Race and the construction of boats in Yuanling. Yuanling Dragon Boat originated 5000 years ago, so it is more than 3000 years earlier than the commemoration of Qu Yuan.

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