As the name suggests, “Erguotou” is the raw material after the second firing of the “first pot of wine, this wine is the most pure, no smell, although the high concentration is not strong, really mellow mianxiang. If you only take 60 degrees of wine, and put it on the underground sealing status, after long time aging, that wine is better to drink, is the famous “wine cellar”.

Liquor making in Beijing has a long history. By the mid Qing Dynasty, capital soju workshop in order to improve the quality of liquor, the process of reform. In the steam used as a wine cooler called tin griddle, also called tianguo. Steamed wine, the distilled wine steam, after the first pot of cold water into the tin cooling out “wine head” and after third times through the tin pot of cold water cooling and the outflow of “wine” proposed to do other processing, because the composition of the first and third cooling wine pot pot contains a variety of low boiling point, it is complex, so only the removal of the mellow flavor of the winery after second times of change into the cooling cold water pot and tin out of the wine, so called “Erguotou”.
It is in fact the tin tin is cooler, because of its shape, opening round, twenty cm below the 45 degree angle inclined to the center of the circle, shrink to tip, similar to the drum griddle, hence the name, the content of cold water. Principle: when the fermented grains of the heating steam to rise slowly, when quenched into Loujiu, along the outer wall of the dripping into the tin boil below dew, dew by connecting plate tin tube, such as wire spring outflow, drip pot distillation process to the outer rattan wine basket.
Because the Tianguo capacity is limited, fire (the ancient fire) or steam (now steam) should not be large, slow fire distillation, and keep stirring the water temperature control flow Tianguo wine.

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