Meng Haoran

Meng Haoran (689 – 740), the word Hao Ran, No. monho, Meng Da, Xiangzhou Xiangyang (now Hubei Xiangyang) people, known as Meng Xiangyang. Because he has not an official, also known as Meng Da, is a pastoral landscape of the famous Tang Dynasty poet.
When Meng Haoran was born in early Tang Dynasty, interested in career frustrations and pain, disappointment, can still self-respect, not pro secular, religious seclusion life. Has lived in lumen mountain. When you were 40 years old, you should go to Changan instead of first. Have a poem in the Imperial College, or a sign off to impress. In the twenty-five years of Kaiyuan, Zhang Jiuling led the shogunate and later lived in seclusion. His most cource short stories, writing and pastoral seclusion of Yixing and long term business trip mood. Among them, although not cynical, but more of a poet’s self-expression.
Meng Haoran’s poems have unique attainments in art, so the later generations call Meng Haoran and Wang Wei “King Meng”, and “three volumes of Meng Haoran” are handed down from ancient times.

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