Pu’er Tea

Pu’er Tea is to China within a certain region of Yunnan province Yunnan Dayezhong sundried green tea as raw materials, through the fermentation process into loose tea and pressed tea. Including Pu’er tea which is naturally fermented in history (storage is also a kind of processing method), and also includes Pu’er tea made by artificial fermentation and natural fermentation.
According to textual research, silver Sheng city tea is Yunnan big leaf tea species, that is, Pu’er tea species. Therefore, the tea produced by the silver city should be the ancestor of Pu’er tea. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty Nguyen Fu in the “Pu’er tea book” said: “Pu’er ancient, silver Sheng house.”. Is western barbarians in Puer, has since the Tang dynasty.” The Song Dynasty Li Shi in his “natural history” a book also recorded: “tea silver mountains, no mining, miscellaneous beans ginger cooking and drink.”
The one called “step on”, because later became “written Chinese characters, Pu Er” (when the “ear” no drops). Pu’er tea was first seen here, and it was written in history. There is no fixed name of Yunnan tea, also known as “tea” has gradually become the essential commodities in Tibet, Xinjiang and other areas of the market. A word from the famous tea in China and abroad, until the late Ming Dynasty, to change the name of Pu’er Tea.

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