A means of transportation carried by people or animals on the shoulder and carried by people. It was widely used in eastern and Western countries. In terms of its structure, the chair is installed on the movable rods in bed, chair, seat or couch, is open. The sedan chair was first evolved from a car.

Chinese sedan chairs used to be popular in vast areas. Since ancient times, the ancient dynasties have attacked each other. Because of the different times, regions and shapes, they have different names. Such as, the swallow, a palanquin and sleeping car, warm car etc.. Modern people are familiar with a multi line since the Ming and Qing Dynasties followed the use of warm car, called the car. A wooden rectangular frame; fixed on the middle of two fine log cars. The bottom of the car is closed with wooden boards and can sit on a single or double back seat. The car top and the left and right side, after 3 to use sealed before the design can lift the curtain door, on both sides of car curtain stay another window curtain. The shape of the ruling class had written a level, reflected in the chair of the size and quality of the materials and use the number etc.. The folk sedan biscuit and two small sedan car. The former is used by women to go out, while the latter is devoted to marriage. In mid 1980s, small car, sedan curtain are enabled for tourism. Set in the tourist point and Chinese imperial sedan, the traditional wedding dress – phoenix coronet, XIAPEI, used to receive foreign tourists, held Chinese ancient wedding ceremony, or as photographed props. A small car is plain as a kind of folk transportation Zhejiang mountain, used to shuttle tourists. Created by Liu Hongping.

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