The Stone Arch Bridge

The stone arch bridge, natural stone as the main building materials of the arch bridge, the arch bridge has a long history, and there has affiliated building pieces, such as bridge Changli arch, such as the famous stone arch bridge Beijing Beihai Qionghua island before, at both ends have a large and beautiful square card. The stone arch bridge is one of the traditional bridge Chinese four basic forms, a variety of stone arch bridge system, it appeared in the history of the development of China bridge, development is very rapid, in 1880 after the modern railway highway bridge engineering technology was introduced into Chinese, it still maintains its vitality, shows the brilliant achievements of the working people of ancient China the ancient bridge construction ability and cleverness and. In addition to the “Chinese bridge expert Mao Yisheng stone arch bridge” the most successful use of various methods, readers detailed introduces the history and characteristics of Chinese stone arch bridge, is a very classic exposition.


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