Chinese Opera

Chinese opera is composed mainly of folk song and dance, rap and burlesque. It originated from the primitive song and dance, a kind of comprehensive stage art style that has a long history. After the han, tang to song, just form a more complete opera art, it is composed of literature, music, dance, fine arts, martial arts, acrobatics, and comprehensive performing arts, has more than three hundred and sixty species. It is characterized by the ability to aggregate many forms of art together in a standard, and to embody their respective personalities in the common properties. Chinese opera and Greek tragedy and comedy, India brahman drama and called the world’s three largest ancient drama culture, through long-term development, gradually formed in “Beijing Opera and shaoxing opera, huangmei opera, PingJu, henan opera has been innovating” as the core of Chinese opera five Chinese operas flourishing baihua yuan. There are many kinds of operas in China, which are not fully counted. There are about three hundred and sixty kinds of operas in different parts of China, and tens of thousands of traditional operas. Other more famous opera types include: kunqu opera, pendant opera, cantonese opera, huai opera, sichuan opera, “qin, Shanghai opera, JinJu, hanchu opera and hebei bangzi, pendant, hunan opera, hunan, henan, henan f be opera, etc.

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