The guzheng is also known as the Chinese zither, the qin zither, the zheng zizheng, the luan zither, the instrument of the Chinese traditional instrument in Chinese han nationality, which belongs to the plucked instrument. It is one of the unique and important national instruments in China. Its timbre is beautiful, its vocal range is broad, the playing skill is rich, has quite strong expression, so it is deeply loved by the masses of the people. Now there is also a zither, a portable guzheng, a miniature guzheng, a zither, a new harp, and a twelve-average rhythm. Guzheng is an ancient ethnic instrument that is native to the rich yellow land, along with the long culture of China. Belongs to the plucked instruments, the structure is composed of panel, wild goose column (also called zheng some location code), strings, former YueShan, string after the tuning screw, box, piano, YueShan, side panel, the sound of mouth, backplane, wear string holes.

Zheng, the shape of rectangular wooden box, string frame column “zheng” (that is, the wild goose column) can move freely, one string, according to the pentatonic scale is arranged, the first 25 strings zither as most (points for Mr Zheng), tang and song dynasty string 13 root, increased to ten after six, 18, 21 strings, etc., by far the most commonly used specifications for the 21st string; The model of guzheng is usually used in s163-21, S stands for S shape, which is the co-invention of the sunda and the minglin, 163 is the length of the guzheng and is about 163cm, and 21 represents the 21 guzheng strings.

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