The emperor was the supreme ruler of the Chinese monarchy.
The ancient emperor Xi, such as Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns, Fu Xi, Huang Di, wa wa Xuanyuan Shennong etc. are not only for the emperor, the chief of the tribe or tribal leader of the alliance, the “emperor” or “emperor”, which added for future generations. “After,” said Xia monarchy of the Shang Dynasty monarch called “emperor”, called “the king of Zhou dynasty”. Most of the Warring States feudal transgression king, “King statue of the emperor week”. Qin Ying Zheng Chinese unified consider themselves “, and de San Juan, power cap” emperor “Five Emperors”, a word as the official title of the supreme ruler of china. So, the emperor Ying Zheng is the first emperor China, self proclaimed “emperor”. Since then, “emperor” replaced “emperor” and “King”, and became the supreme ruler of feudal society in China for more than two thousand years.

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