Nine-year compulsory education

The nine year compulsory education is also called free education. According to the constitution, school-age children and adolescents must accept the national education that the state, society and family must guarantee. In essence, it is a compulsory education system for the school-age children and adolescents in accordance with the law. Compulsory education is also called compulsory education and free compulsory education. Compulsory education has the basic characteristics of compulsion, freedom and popularity.
The period of the Republic of China’s illiteracy rate, is generally 80%, such as Chairman Mao in 1945 “on coalition government” put forward in the report: “from eighty percent of the population in eliminating illiteracy, is an important work of the new Chinese.” The new China just founded baiyedaixing, but the central leadership in one step to reach the number of years of compulsory education in developed countries the level of education, reflecting the state and poor are not poor education belief.

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