Carved lacquerware, is China’s traditional national art. Carved lacquer production, at least one thousand four hundred years of history. Carved lacquerware, the royal court process artifacts, across the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties have a high social status and artistic value.

Carved lacquer main process for carving, the main raw material for paint, so called carved lacquerware. The production process is very complex, through design, padding making, painting, carving, polishing, tracing the samples and more than ten working procedure, skill requirements in each process are high. The sculpture is the main process. Mostly flat carving knife method, in the past, is now a lot of relief, carve, stereoscopic round, and so on. Because of the different colour, also has “carved lacquerware” stuck between “black”, “take the color” and “carved rhinoceros”, etc.

Beijing carved lacquer modelling of primitive simplicity is grave, decorative design exquisite, colour and lustre is sleek, elegant shape, and has moisture-proof, heat-resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, deformation, the same qualitative characteristics. Carved lacquerware technology is an important category of Chinese lacquer process, is also one of the essence of traditional arts and crafts in Beijing. It embodies the skill and ingenuity of handicraft artist in China, is the treasure of the Chinese nation traditional process. Just carved lacquerware and cloisonne, ivory carving, jade carving, the city is known as “one of the four MingDan” process.

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Dehua porcelain is also called the white porcelain, called Bai Jian, ivory white. Bud in song and yuan, chi reputation in Ming dynasty, Yu Qingchu delay system. Built after the white porcelain craft lost, replaced and the color is blue and white porcelain and porcelain production, and with blue and white porcelain as the mainstream. To 1965, the province ceramics research institute in dehua porcelain industry development, on the basis of research on recovery, by dehua porcelain industry formally put into production, and change to this name “built white porcelain”.

Build fine white porcelain porcelain pure density, glaze color is beautiful gentle, if satiny whole fat, like jade, YingMing as a mirror, dignified and elegant, porcelain Bai Zhongshan yellow color, just like ivory, white and transparent body, gentle YaJing glaze color and beautiful modelling, and decorative arts, make each JianBai porcelain craft treasures of art history. Built white porcelain since its launch, has obtained the high evaluation both at home and abroad, enjoys a high reputation of “China white”, especially the sculpture modelling, have fascinating artistic charm, more JianBai porcelain of Ming dynasty, known as the “pearl of the Oriental art”.

For firing again at the same time the influence of different conditions, such as temperature, atmosphere, heat preservation, produce pure white like milk, Bai Zhongshan red color and so on the many kinds of porcelain, and according to its different ceramic glaze color, both at home and abroad were given lard white, cream white, creamy white, pearl white, white velvet, shrimp should be white and other bills. JianBai has mostly used in porcelain goddess of mercy, porcelain carving art porcelain porcelain vases, incense burners and display. Now after formulation and forming, sintering and other technology improvements, has been successfully applied in fire advanced complete set of, west tableware, tea set, coffee set, has been selected as a national gift porcelain, the great hall of the people, diaoyutai state guesthouse with porcelain.

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Cloisonne, also known as “copper wire inlay enamel”, is famous traditional handicraft in China. JingTai years of Ming dynasty (1450-1456) is the most prevalent, has 600 years of history in China. Enamel is a loan word, the beginning of its products in China, in the theory of antiquities. The kiln wares, known as “big feed kiln”, “ghost kiln” and “Buddha” embedded lang, Ming and Qing dynasty literature is in the tianfu wide, was “JingTai command enamel” title. After the revolution, “cloisonne” has gradually become the common name of this kind of handicraft. “JingTai” is the title of Ming dynasty during the reign of emperor Zhu Qiyu transactions. In “blue” word has two kinds, one is the enamel from the word “enamel” embedded “enamel” and “blue”, “enamel” homophonic; Explain it more than one version for JingTai years enamel ware glaze color is more blue attune is given priority to, so the name “cloisonné”.

Cloisonne and carved lacquerware, jade, ivory, known as the four MingDan of Beijing arts and crafts, it combines the history, culture, art and unique traditional techniques, of primitive simplicity and elegant, exquisite showily. It with distinctive national style and profound connotation of the national famous Chinese and foreign, is the world of arts and crafts a resplendent pearl. Cloisonne is famous for its long history, beautiful and elegant modelling, thunder-and-lightning colour, gorgeous much appearance of the design, modelling in a wide range of varieties, and the feeling of grandeur and exquisite showily and are all done by hand, setting the makers of ingenuity unique arts and crafts for Beijing.

The closionne craft art features available in four words:

Shape – good shape depends on the tyres

Grain – graceful pattern depends on the thread

Color- gorgeous color depends on the glaze

Light – brilliant luster depend on the plating

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Embroidery is one of the most characteristic of traditional arts and crafts in China; it has a history of more than 4000 years. Because of its long history of Chinese embroidery, complex process, finished goods flowing is colorful, wonderful article excelling nature, already beautiful treasures are major museum collections, is a symbol of Chinese civilization. Combined with the scientific experiments showed that silk embroider line can be over 300 years and not rot, so has a very high collection value.

With the increasing cultural exchanges with other countries and the international trend of world culture mutual infiltration, traditional Chinese embroidery technology is obtained the world more and more high value, plays a more and more important in the stage of international collectors. As gifts embroidery with Chinese characteristics, gradually took on the friendly messenger of peace and development all over the world, exquisite embroidery several times as a national gift presented to world leaders and politicians, laid the Chinese embroidery on the traditional craft in the world stage.

Development up to now, China’s traditional embroidery techniques deep flowing through the power of modern high-tech, combined with the finest silk, embroidery art once again climb to new heights. Full-color three-dimensional embroidery technology has four national patents, for two consecutive years won the “China export arts and crafts fair gold medal”, is a full color of the world’s most advanced three-dimensional embroidery technology. With full color three-dimensional embroidery technology, embroidery color is colorful, not restricted, pattern of stereo feeling can get the best performance in the plane, embroidery rich double perfect sense of vision and touch. Silk embroidery paintings in the ancient imperial royal reward, only for today, with high-tech has become a folk decorative treasures.

Relying on modern high-tech technology, in all previous dynasties calligraphy and painting as a blueprint, blend in the extensive and profound Chinese civilization, with elegant packing frame, made of high quality full color three-dimensional embroidery gift, become the symbol of noble in high-end gifts, also become manifest the enterprise culture and grade of the ideal choice. Strong design ability but also for the enterprise custom unique personalized gifts.

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China’s Tea

The practice of drinking tea has had a long history in China, having originated from there. The Chinese drink tea during many parts of the day such as during meals for good health or for simple pleasure.

The DVD is with Mandarin, English and Japanese dubbing. It introduces different kinds of tea in China, and their features, origin and flavor.

Product Description
Part1 The Art in the Details   Part2 Brewing Tea with Ease   Part3 Origins of Tea

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Silver Pendant

Industrial metals products by Beijing industrial group “national arts and crafts master design creation, every piece of work, has revealed the rich Chinese flavor of of primitive simplicity, beautiful. Do not break vogue, overelaborate do not break tradition contracted. At a suit, set ornamental, artistic quality and appreciation sex gives precious metals to the art soul, highlight the noble quality, let carrying art, plastic gold again with art. Is your important occasions gifts, business gifts the best choice.

“Kuixing bucket first” is the old people to its reputation as the top high school students. For a long time to kuixing is the ancients lines into the god of heaven director Wen Yun. People worship during exam will kuixing.

“Kuixing bucket” brand in xiangyun, bats, for grain, hollow out, in high relief “kuixing bucket” on the main photo, kuixing right foot forward to move on, like the “chief” word ghost beside the next left, the left foot pointing upwards, such as “chief” next hook, after pointing left foot, the clever act the role of a silversmith ring clothing lines, carry a bucket of silver direct kuixing the upper left corner, view its full size, firm is a pictographic character “chief”. See the kuixing smile again, devoid of ghosts and fierce, qi, right hand holding put pen to paper circle dot cinnabar pen, left hand grasping gigantic ingots in the abdomen before. Put pen to paper marks a metaphor has excellent high school article, left hand grasp as the finances of the current silver treasure in the abdomen. Ancient model can meet the students, the examination candidates eager to jinbang title, psychological desire for wealth. Will have it, on the exams.

“Kuixing bucket” by digital arts and crafts master after a few months, use a variety of endangered traditional craftsmanship to elaborate. Exquisite workmanship, wealth and luxury. Is a rare art treasures, extremely collection value.

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Spiritual Culture Books

1. Beijing Hutong’s Alleys
2. Quadrangle Houses
3. Former homes of historical figures
4. Life in the hutong
5. Temple fairs

Qigong acupressure therapy is an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine which specializes in using breathing and movement exercises to cultivate health and treat diseases. It contains the accumulated knowledge and clinical experience of many dynasties. The therapeutic techniques of qigong acupressure therapy are simple and easy to learn and practice and do not rely on drugs or medical equipment and does not produce side effects.

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Exquisite Facebook Gifts

  • China’s Peking Opera art is the opera lovers enjoy the arts, popular at home and abroad scope is quite widespread, has been generally accepted as the identity of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Is a national characteristic of a special type of makeup. As each historical figure or a certain type of person has an approximate spectral type, like singing, playing music should be according to the score, the so called “facebook”.

Peking Opera is a drama color most operas in facebook. Facebook color refers to the embarrassment of the primary colors, red, purple, black, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, brown, red ochre, gold, silver and other colors, each second, with rich imagination and exaggeration, highlight the complex characters in the play image, appeared on the stage. Peking Opera in shape, spirit, etc, of a variety of people loyal, rape, moral praise or blame, love and hate clear, good and evil and color changes, drew is delicate, full of beautiful pattern, has the distinct ideological content and artistic quality.

Red representative of the brave, integrity; Black represents bravery, straight; White on behalf of treacherous, vicious, sinister; Oil become white represents conceit, domineering; Blue on behalf of the strong, strong; Green represents tenacious, chivalrous; Yellow represents the cruel and calm; On behalf of the old gray lean; The representative of the purple bravely just righteousness, his majesty; Gold and silver is our god, Buddha, ghosts, spirits.

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Yixing Cup

Purple, purple and not Cha, red and yan deeply, not black and not ink, such as iron, such as stone, jade Hu Jinhu, prepare the text in a device, with the beauty in three stopped, and looked at it, if black young gentleman tripod Chen Mingting, chase and examine the sages wan Yan elite. This is just the embodiment of violet arenaceous mud color incisively and vividly. Are recommended and stone, orchid has always been the ancients and called literati three graces.

Unique design of transport bead fusion of the big ideas of Yin and Yang, heaven and earth a go to good fortune, because the movement and unremitting, longevity. The cup, cup and lid design texture, the modelling of the fake dragon cup, more reveal noble temperament. Bowl “f” word and xiangyun and transport bead on “fu”, do not fall convention, artistically reveals good fortune by seven years of continuous service technicians manual fire, do manual work is rigorous. Especially “transport bead” technology is extremely complex, the manufacturing technology and fire pot temperature requirement is very high, made rate is low, so the cost of the cup and high performance-price ratio.