Lacquerware August 23, 2017

Carved lacquerware, is China’s traditional national art. Carved lacquer production, at least one thousand four hundred years of history. Carved lacquerware, the royal court process artifacts, across the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties have a high social status and artistic value. Carved lacquer main process for carving, the main raw material for paint, […]

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Porcelain August 23, 2017

Dehua porcelain is also called the white porcelain, called Bai Jian, ivory white. Bud in song and yuan, chi reputation in Ming dynasty, Yu Qingchu delay system. Built after the white porcelain craft lost, replaced and the color is blue and white porcelain and porcelain production, and with blue and white porcelain as the mainstream. […]

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Cloisonne August 7, 2017

Cloisonne, also known as “copper wire inlay enamel”, is famous traditional handicraft in China. JingTai years of Ming dynasty (1450-1456) is the most prevalent, has 600 years of history in China. Enamel is a loan word, the beginning of its products in China, in the theory of antiquities. The kiln wares, known as “big feed […]

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Emberoidery August 7, 2017

  Embroidery is one of the most characteristic of traditional arts and crafts in China; it has a history of more than 4000 years. Because of its long history of Chinese embroidery, complex process, finished goods flowing is colorful, wonderful article excelling nature, already beautiful treasures are major museum collections, is a symbol of Chinese […]

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China’s Tea July 26, 2017

The practice of drinking tea has had a long history in China, having originated from there. The Chinese drink tea during many parts of the day such as during meals for good health or for simple pleasure. The DVD is with Mandarin, English and Japanese dubbing. It introduces different kinds of tea in China, and […]

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Silver Pendant July 12, 2017

Industrial metals products by Beijing industrial group “national arts and crafts master design creation, every piece of work, has revealed the rich Chinese flavor of of primitive simplicity, beautiful. Do not break vogue, overelaborate do not break tradition contracted. At a suit, set ornamental, artistic quality and appreciation sex gives precious metals to the art […]

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Spiritual Culture Books July 12, 2017

Contents ———————————————– 1. Beijing Hutong’s Alleys 2. Quadrangle Houses 3. Former homes of historical figures 4. Life in the hutong 5. Temple fairs Qigong acupressure therapy is an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine which specializes in using breathing and movement exercises to cultivate health and treat diseases. It contains the accumulated knowledge and clinical […]

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Exquisite Facebook Gifts June 28, 2017

China’s Peking Opera art is the opera lovers enjoy the arts, popular at home and abroad scope is quite widespread, has been generally accepted as the identity of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Is a national characteristic of a special type of makeup. As each historical figure or a certain type of person […]

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Yixing Cup June 19, 2017

Purple, purple and not Cha, red and yan deeply, not black and not ink, such as iron, such as stone, jade Hu Jinhu, prepare the text in a device, with the beauty in three stopped, and looked at it, if black young gentleman tripod Chen Mingting, chase and examine the sages wan Yan elite. This […]

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