Yixing Cup

Purple, purple and not Cha, red and yan deeply, not black and not ink, such as iron, such as stone, jade Hu Jinhu, prepare the text in a device, with the beauty in three stopped, and looked at it, if black young gentleman tripod Chen Mingting, chase and examine the sages wan Yan elite. This is just the embodiment of violet arenaceous mud color incisively and vividly. Are recommended and stone, orchid has always been the ancients and called literati three graces.

Unique design of transport bead fusion of the big ideas of Yin and Yang, heaven and earth a go to good fortune, because the movement and unremitting, longevity. The cup, cup and lid design texture, the modelling of the fake dragon cup, more reveal noble temperament. Bowl “f” word and xiangyun and transport bead on “fu”, do not fall convention, artistically reveals good fortune by seven years of continuous service technicians manual fire, do manual work is rigorous. Especially “transport bead” technology is extremely complex, the manufacturing technology and fire pot temperature requirement is very high, made rate is low, so the cost of the cup and high performance-price ratio.


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