Silver Pendant

Industrial metals products by Beijing industrial group “national arts and crafts master design creation, every piece of work, has revealed the rich Chinese flavor of of primitive simplicity, beautiful. Do not break vogue, overelaborate do not break tradition contracted. At a suit, set ornamental, artistic quality and appreciation sex gives precious metals to the art soul, highlight the noble quality, let carrying art, plastic gold again with art. Is your important occasions gifts, business gifts the best choice.

“Kuixing bucket first” is the old people to its reputation as the top high school students. For a long time to kuixing is the ancients lines into the god of heaven director Wen Yun. People worship during exam will kuixing.

“Kuixing bucket” brand in xiangyun, bats, for grain, hollow out, in high relief “kuixing bucket” on the main photo, kuixing right foot forward to move on, like the “chief” word ghost beside the next left, the left foot pointing upwards, such as “chief” next hook, after pointing left foot, the clever act the role of a silversmith ring clothing lines, carry a bucket of silver direct kuixing the upper left corner, view its full size, firm is a pictographic character “chief”. See the kuixing smile again, devoid of ghosts and fierce, qi, right hand holding put pen to paper circle dot cinnabar pen, left hand grasping gigantic ingots in the abdomen before. Put pen to paper marks a metaphor has excellent high school article, left hand grasp as the finances of the current silver treasure in the abdomen. Ancient model can meet the students, the examination candidates eager to jinbang title, psychological desire for wealth. Will have it, on the exams.

“Kuixing bucket” by digital arts and crafts master after a few months, use a variety of endangered traditional craftsmanship to elaborate. Exquisite workmanship, wealth and luxury. Is a rare art treasures, extremely collection value.

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