Carved lacquerware, is China’s traditional national art. Carved lacquer production, at least one thousand four hundred years of history. Carved lacquerware, the royal court process artifacts, across the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties have a high social status and artistic value.

Carved lacquer main process for carving, the main raw material for paint, so called carved lacquerware. The production process is very complex, through design, padding making, painting, carving, polishing, tracing the samples and more than ten working procedure, skill requirements in each process are high. The sculpture is the main process. Mostly flat carving knife method, in the past, is now a lot of relief, carve, stereoscopic round, and so on. Because of the different colour, also has “carved lacquerware” stuck between “black”, “take the color” and “carved rhinoceros”, etc.

Beijing carved lacquer modelling of primitive simplicity is grave, decorative design exquisite, colour and lustre is sleek, elegant shape, and has moisture-proof, heat-resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, deformation, the same qualitative characteristics. Carved lacquerware technology is an important category of Chinese lacquer process, is also one of the essence of traditional arts and crafts in Beijing. It embodies the skill and ingenuity of handicraft artist in China, is the treasure of the Chinese nation traditional process. Just carved lacquerware and cloisonne, ivory carving, jade carving, the city is known as “one of the four MingDan” process.

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