the collection of cheongsam in autumn winter

13Dressed in elegant dress paired with a warm and stylish sweater or a silk scarf can be a good choice for the mature women. Followings are some examples of this collocation of Cheongsam which can be used in autumn and winter. Cheongsam can be changed according to the season. And actually how to dress ourselves into a typically Chinese charming woman is a serious question. Appropriate collocations can make ourselves much brighter and clearer than the morning sunshine.As we all know that the Cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women. And this kind of dresses are also known in Mandarin Chinese as qipao. And Mandarin gowns in English. The stylish and often tight-fitting Cheongsam are best known today was created in the 1920s in Shanghai and made fashionable by the women in upper class and some socialites.

Those women who like Cheongsam should not forget an elegant coat which can be used to collocate with the Cheongsam according to the changes of seasons. Only when you know these tips can you face the changes of seasons freely. Especially in the summer over to winter season, the temperature becomes changeable, which means it can be very cold sometimes and very hot sometimes. You should wear the appropriate Cheongsam not only according to the temperature, but also the collocation should be fashionable and decent.

In this season-changing period, how to choose an appropriate Cheongsam and how to choose accessories to collocate with the dress has become one of the tip-top question for the fashionable women. If you don’t wear any scarves or knitted jackets, you may feel cold at this time.Followings are some collocations for this question.

white knitted jacket and red reformed cheongsam

15Enjoying the breeze of autumn, leaves all falling down from the trees and everything was different with what it like in summer. The beautiful woman dressed in a red gorgeous Cheongsam collocating with a knitted jacket standing by an osmanthus tree looks quiet elegant and magnificent. She walked leisurely with sweet scent. In this atmosphere, the woman looks just like a single recovery camellias, gentle and quiet, quietly bright and beautiful.

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