Nanjing brocade is a jacquard silk crafts, for the Nanjing process “Sambo” of the first, and Suzhou Kesi and hailed as “the two famous Jin.”       Nanjing brocade and Chengdu Shu Jin, Suzhou Song Jin, Guangxi Zhuang Jin and said China’s four famous Kam, but now only Yunjin also maintained the traditional characteristics and unique skills, has always retained the traditional vintage jacquard weaving. Nanjing brocade color as many as 18 species, the use of “color halo” layers of the introduction of the main flowers, rich and elegant, solid texture, pattern rich and beautiful, colorful strong, heavy use of gold, the formation of resplendent unique style.

Ming and Qing Dynasty for the court fabric. There are many official weaving bureau production, for the court dress, reward and so on. Since the late Qing Dynasty has been the production of goods, the industry only to produce “brocade” name, Feng its rich and luxurious, gorgeous as cloudy named. Modern production in Nanjing, often referred to as “Nanjing brocade”.       Modern brocade inherited the Ming and Qing dynasties of the traditional style and development, the traditional varieties of makeup, library Jin, library satin and other major categories,  Kukin, Koujin, etc. to the Qing Dynasty weaving into the house House “satin cake library” and named, still in use today.

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