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Nanjing brocade from the creation of ordinary people, brocade patterns also cleverly into the people’s aesthetic preferences and fun. Nanjing brocade artists on the world of all things awareness of the good life of longing and hope, but also into a variety of fresh patterns and ever-changing colors.

In the bat under the mouth of a coin called “Fu in the eyes”, brocade sprinkled some money called “future bright”. And some civilian products such as brocade scarves, brocade tie, brocade shawl, etc., Nanjing brocade can be said that the traditional Chinese auspicious pattern of the culmination of the traditional.

Yunjin formed in the Yuan Dynasty, its source can be traced back to the Southern Dynasties. Jin technology gradually, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties Daxing, and the formation of a significant self-characteristics: sophisticated materials, fine woven, a large number of gold, silver wire decorative fabric pattern, weaving pattern magnificent clouds, resulting in brilliant gold, colorful, noble Elegant artistic effect, which also makes Nanjing Brocade increasingly out of the practical value of clothing and the collection of expensive works of art.

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