Features of Hanfu clothing

Costumes of the Han Dynasty had 7 features:
1. Wearers must expose underpants’ collar form , as the collar was big and curving ;
2. Clothes must use white cloth as lining;
3. The width of sleeve was 0.4 meters;

4. The blouse had no sleeve;
5. Wearers of fur clothes should have the fur facing outside;
6. Waistband was very exquisite. Belt hook was made of gold in various lively and interesting animal figures;
7.Female laborers of the Han Dynasty always wore short jackets and long skirts, and their knees were always decorated with long hanging waistbands. dressing style at that time. Male laborers often wore jackets and calf-nose trousers with aprons around the garments. Farmers, workers, businessmen and scholars were all in the same.

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