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Hanfu is the traditional costume that has been worn by Han Chinese people for approximately 5000 years.It refers to the pre-17th century traditional clothing of the Han people.And it influenced Japanese kimono and Korean hanbok.

Hanfu has many sorts, for example, this is Ruqun. It is worn by women. And Ru is one kind of short clothes, and Qun is one kind of skirt. There are many sorts of Ruqun, too. Such as Jiaolingruqun,whose collar likes the letter “y” while the one whose collar likes the number “11” called duijinruqun, and so on.

And… another example, this is Quju. It is daily clothing during Warring States Period. And in the Han Dynasty, it became a kind of full dress. Gradually, maybe because of its inconvenient ways of wearing, it was lost with time passed.

Zhongyi is just like a shirt. Ancient people wore it inside with anovercoat wearing outside. And it is considered impolite when people wear Hanfu without Zhongyi,which is quite like that people wear suit without shirt.

Hanfu is believed to have been worn by the early leader of China, Huangdi. The history has such record “黄帝垂衣裳而制天下”. He made the original rules of Hanfu.

Since then, Hanfu became the clothing of Huaxia. And during the slave society and feudal society, Hanfu was changed and developed more, but the fundamental appearance didn’t change.

But there came the crisis.

In 1618, Manchu invaded and occupied the land of Ming dynasty. In 1644, Qing dynasty ruled the state. Since then, all civilization of Han was in recession, including Hanfu.

And this is Manchu-style clothing.

Manchu laid down many rules to replace the Han system. At that period, Hanfu was forbidden to wear and more than 50 million Han Chinese people were killed because of ignoring the rules. So under the cruel social system, Han people couldn’t choose but to obey the order. From then, Hanfu left the historical stage and became not popular.

But recent year, with the appeal of paying more attention to the Chinese traditional civilization, the request of reviving Hanfu rapidly rises.

So there comes some arguments about whether Hanfu should relives or not. The objectors’ main viewpoint is that Hanfu is not convenient for nowadays people. This year, in the MagpieFestival, the fans of Hanfu gathered in Beijing and join the activities about that. They all wore Hanfu, in many different styles. When I saw the report on the Internet, you know,

Asfaithful fans ofancientry, the sense of pride hit me and it made me be more eager for joining in them to contribute my slight strength on reviving traditional civilization.

I dream of wearing Hanfu anywhere proudly. Yes, it can be very in convenient sometimes, but after all, it’s our clothing. Whatever how the times has changed, Hanfu relies on its own charm to stand on historical stage. Suchexcellent civilization shouldn’t be flooded.

Now, come back to the original question, “what do you think is our traditional costume” and “How will you introduce our nation”, do you have any new idea?


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